Early Recordings

Inja has been interested in early recordings since 2012, and since has devoted her time to research wax cylinders, pre-electric discs and reproducing piano rolls. This interest led her to develop a ground-breaking research project in whichimg_2496 early recording technologies are used to capture contemporary performances with various different musicians and instruments. These pages introduce her extensive work that reveals what those early technologies were capable of capturing, and the extent to which performing musicians were required to adapt their performance practice when recording on wax.

For an overview of the project, see: here.

Recording session 1: Phonograph recordings – piano solo

Recording session 2: Phonograph recordings – temperature study

Recording session 3: Phonograph recording – four pianists study

Recording session 4: Disc recordings – violin solo

Recording session 5: Disc recordings – violin and piano

Recording session 6: Disc recordings – horn and piano

Recording session 7: Phonograph recordings – piano trio – TBA

Recording session 8: Phonograph recordings – violin and piano – TBA

Recording session 9: Phonograph recordings – cello and piano – TBA

Recording session 10: Phonograph recordings – clarinet and piano – TBA