Inja’s research focuses upon 19th Century performance practice, combining: 1) musicological research, with emphasis upon 19th Century reception, stylistic tendencies, and performance techniques; and 2) practice-based research, involving historically-informed performance practice. Inja’s research interests include: 1) early sound recordings and mechanical recording processes; 2) performance practice 1780-1930; 3) Frédéric Chopin’s reception, and; 4) topics associated with piano performance and repertoire.

Publications (written)

Publications (music)

Austro-German Revivals: (Re)constructing Acoustic RecordingsInja Stanović, piano and David Milsom, violin. (Huddersfield: University of Huddersfield Press).

CD with works of John Donaldson, J. S. Bach and J. Field (recorded on 1804 Broadwood Square Piano and Steinway B) CD accompanies the book: Michael Hannon, Mrs. Findlay’s Broadwood Square Piano (Ranmoor Publications, 2015).

PhD Thesis

Chopin in Great Britain, 1830 to 1930: reception, performance, recordings. Available to download HERE.