Recording Session 6

Horn and Piano Disc Recording

This recording session was made with Jeroen Billiet, a hornist currently working at School of Arts/Royal Gent Conservatory as well as Ghent University. Jeroen found us not only the original score used for the recording upon which we were basing our artistic research, but also the original horn and the mute used in the 1914 recording session.

The results of this study are currently being written as an academic article. Instead of a general overview, please enjoy our recordings as well as the transfers of the original disc made by Charles Heylbroeck (1872-1945) for Chantal company in 1914. At the bottom of the page you will find interesting takes on the distance tests made during our recording session, March 2020. It is important to stress that all the transfers were made with same equipment in the same controlled environment.

Mozart: Berceuse. Billiet and Stanovic, 2020.
Van der Haegen: Le Passant. Billiet and Stanovic, 2020.
Mozart: Berceuse. Heylbroeck, 1914.
Van der Haegen: Le Passant. Heylbroeck, 1914.
Billiet and Stanovic. Distance tests, 2020.