12th February 2022

I haven’t written here in a while, apologies. The latest news is that I’ve got a brand new job at the University of Surrey! I am starting my position of Surrey Future Senior Fellow in early April. I am super excited, it is really a rare opportunity! Three years of research only position, I am truly honoured!

I will write more here, but in the mean time – please listen to my new album! It is completely free to download, and years of research went into this – 10ich discs made from scratch!

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3rd March 2020

After an exciting recital in Huddersfield yesterday evening, I am on my way to Bristol to give a lecture-recital. Now, this is what I call a busy week!

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26th February 2020

Very excited to be in Dublin – I am about to play a lecture-recital at RIAM. I am very happy about this wonderful opportunity!

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13th January 2020

Happy New Year! It is my pleasure to announce a recital and a research talk at the University of Edinburgh:

I look forward to playing in wonderful Reid Concert Hall again! If you are around – come and join me in exploration of Chopin’s Nocturnes played in the nineteenth-century style on Tuesday the 28th of January. The following day I am talking about the mechanical recording technologies and their impact on performance.

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28th November 2019

Join me next week in Leeds, at the Leeds University’s Music Department Research Colloquia. I am talking about the value of reconstructing salt recordings, and what performers can learn from this.

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26th November 2019

Hello from London! If you are in the neighbourhood, come and join me at Goldsmiths where I am giving a talk on early recordings. I am very happy and excited to be here!

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07th November 2019

After a short break, I am travelling again. This time, I am in Aberdeen, Scotland. If you are in the neighbourhood, come and see me talk at the University of Aberdeen, Music Department’s Research Series:

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09th October 2019

Hello from Lisbon! What a wonderful and creative conference to attend. I’ve presented on the ‘Creative Processes in (Re)construction of Early Recordings’. Amazing weather, good food, and so many interesting people in one place – what a joy!

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19th September 2019

This is indeed a busy month! Soon I will be going to Vienna, to join ‘Correct, but not Beautiful’ Symposium, where I am delivering a lecture-recital on impressions in wax. Exciting three days of recitals and papers – I can’t wait!

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9th September 2019

I am very proud to announce yet another conference organised by the University of Huddersfield!

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I will play a lecture-recital in Phipps Hall, on the 9th at 11:30am, exploring is there such a thing as the Leschetizky Method?

This is a busy week – I will also play on Friday, the 13th in Manchester, joining the RMA Annual Conference – this time I shall investigate the connection between mechanical technologies, recordings and interpretation.

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8th September 2019

I’ve just realised that I haven’t updated this site with two interesting events. Fist happened in July – I played a lecture-recital in the wonderful St. Gregory’s Centre for Music in Canterbury – taking part in the 12th Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain Conference. It is always a pleasure to play in front of such wonderful audience!

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And most recently I delivered a paper at PSN research forum, in University of Surrey. What an exciting event, which showed – once again – the importance of meetings like this! A huge thanks to everybody involved, it was truly great.

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22nd June 2019

The day has finally come! Join us for an exciting day of research, performance and lively discussions in Pushkin House, London. We are starting at 10am, and you can see the programme here:

Early Recordings: Past Performing Practices in Contemporary Research

The event gathers around twenty international scholars who will address the use of early recordings (pre-1945) in both musicological research and creative practice, while seeking to connect researchers and performers through critical and reflective debate. This even would not be possible without a generous funding from the Leverhulme Trust, the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Royal Musical Association.

Come and join us, it is going to be fun!

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25th March 2019

After a few months of maternity leave, I am very happy to announce a research talk. Cardiff University, tomorrow – 26th of March, at the Large Lecture Theatre in the Music Building at 4:30pm. My talk, Performing, Recording and (Re)constructing: a guide for historically-informed performance, is a part of John Bird Lecture Series. I am very excited about being in Cardiff again, what a great place to be.

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1st December 2018

About to present in New Zealand! Unfortunately, only via Skype. Hopefully I will get another chance to visit soon!

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NZMS Conference, ‘Into the Unknown’, University of Canterbury

28th October 2018

Hello from London! Just about to play a lecture-recital at amazing Royal Academy of Music!

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16th October 2018

Come and her me play and talk at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire today, at 3:30pm!

Public Research Seminar: Dr Inja Stanović

Public Research Seminar: Dr Inja Stanović


Date and time

16 Oct 2018 (3:30pm)


Recital Hall, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

200 Jennens Road, B4 7XR



Book now

Dr Inja Stanovic (piano) – Huddersfield University: (Re)constructing Early Recordings: a guide for historically-informed performance

This lecture-recital introduces the Leverhulme-funded research project (Re)constructing Early Recordings: a guide for historically-informed performance.

Based on the reconstruction and simulation of mechanical recording processes, the project considers technical, aesthetic and practical aspects of these technologies. The lecture-recital introduces the first stage of the research, focussing on wax cylinders, whilst stressing the importance of using early recordings within various forms of  usical research. The presented repertoire includes works of Chopin, R. Schumann, Godard and Arensky.

26th September 2018

I am honoured to be a part of the International Chopinological Conference in Warsaw this year! I can’t wait to hear all the exciting talks – the programme looks amazing. Greetings from wonderful Warsaw!

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18th September 2018

Catching up with preparation of my article for the Nineteenth Century Music Review. Past two weeks were very busy, including a lecture-recital on Chopin Nocturnes in Vilnius. What a great conference and amazing city!


After Vilnius, I’ve rushed to Oxford. Again an amazing experience, with a lot of exciting lecture-recitals, talks and papers.


10-12 September 2018
Faculty of Music, University of Oxford

Transforming Nineteenth Century Historically Informed Practice (TCHIP) will host an international conference on Perspectives on Historically Informed Practices in Music at the Faculty of Music, University of Oxford from Monday 10th September to Wednesday 12th September.

Historical Performance scholarship is enjoying something of a revitalization; new methods, research into music of the 20th century, greater integration with performers and the music industry, and interdisciplinary approaches are just some of the influences currently broadening the field. Perspectives on Historically Informed Practices in Music aims to bring together scholars and performer/scholars researching performance in the long 19th, and the 20th centuries and will explore current research foci and possible future developments in historical performance research.

And next week – Warsaw! I can’t wait! Greetings from Sheffield (for now).

22nd August 2018

Back to Sheffield, and happy to be preparing for HuCPeR’s 19th Century Salon: A chamber music workshop for advanced students and professional musicians. Come and hear some good music in Huddersfield next week, and join us for the exploration of nineteenth century playing styles and repertoire!

Huddersfield salon

07th August 2018

A very active visit to Sydney is coming to the end tomorrow. Talk at the UNSW, a recital at the Sydney Conservatorium using 1867 Erard, and today’s talk at the Sydney Conservatorium were really fun and exciting. Now, Melbourne! Join me for a talk at Melbourne Conservatorium (09/08) or Monash University (09/08), or perhaps a piano masterclass at Monash (09/08)? This is not a typo, they really all are on the same date! Exciting Thursday! Greetings from wonderful Australia!

16th July 2018

The busiest few weeks in a long time: I played a lecture-recital at RNCM’s 1st International Conference on Artistic Research in Performance, followed by two recitals and a paper at 19th Century Music Conference in Huddersfield. Straight after that was an exciting and rewarding experience of participating at PSN2018, where I also delivered a paper! After a wonderful stay in Oslo, I am writing this from Sydney, Australia. Talks and concerts to follow…

25th April 2018

I just came back from Zagreb, where I gave a talk on nineteenth-century performing practices, in organisation of Zagreb Music Academy and the Croatian Musicological Society. I hope to be back soon, it was such a wonderful experience!

Odsjek za muzikologiju
Muzičke akademije u Zagrebu
Hrvatsko muzikološko društvo


dr. sc. Inja Stanović
Sheffield, UK

Inja Stanović (rođena Davidović) nagrađivana je hrvatska pijanistica i istraživačica, rođena u Zagrebu koja trenutno živi u Sheffieldu, UK. Koncertirala je širom svijeta, uključujući Australiju, Hrvatsku, Francusku, Njemačku, Italiju, Sloveniju, UK i SAD. Prvi stupanj studija glazbe završila je u „Glazbenoj školi Ino Mirković“ u Opatiji s licencom Moskovskog državnog konzervatorija P.I. Čajkovski. Dva poslijediplomska programa završila je na Scholi Cantorum u Parizu, a potom je magistrirala glazbu na Bostonskom konzervatoriju. Doktorirala je na Sveučilištu u Sheffieldu s fokusom na izvoditeljsku praksu 19. stoljeća s obzirom na Chopinova djela. Trenutno radi kao predavač na Sveučilištu u Sheffieldu i kao gostujući predavač na Konzervatoriju u Birminghamu.

utorak, 24. travnja 2018. 18:00, Muzička akademija, soba 326

Izvođačke prakse devetnaestog stoljeća: odnos notacije i izvedbe, razvoj stilova i kriteriji prosuđivanja

Istraživanja o povijesnim izvedbenim praksama inherentno su složena, jer su instrumenti i stilovi izvedbi uvijek u odnosu sa specifičnim kulturnim, društvenim i povijesnim aspektima. Pored mnoštva pisanih dokumenata, muzikološka istraživanja mogu se obogatiti ranim audio zapisima koji služe kao čvrsti dokazi stilskih konvencija prošlih razdoblja. Rane snimke nude neprocjenjive uvide u različite načine čitanja glazbenog teksta u devetnaestom stoljeću, kao i promjenu stilskih konvencija u praktičnoj izvedbi koja se rijetko može prepoznati iz pisanih dokumenata, pogotovo u kontekstu fluktuacije ritma i tempa, raznih načina vibrata, portamenta i tempa rubata, te improvizacijskih elemenata. Ovo predavanje izlaže raznovrsne načine upotreba ranih audio zapisa u muzikološkim istraživanjima, propituje odnose notacije i izvedbe, te na taj način ukazuje kako moderna fonomuzikologija korištenjem tehnoloških alata može pridonijeti razumijevanju izvođačkih praksi devetnaestog stoljeća.

28th March 2018

I just found out that my paper got accepted to the International Chopinological Conference in Warsaw in Sept 2018! It will be a busy month, as I am also presenting at Perspectives on Historically Informed Practices in Music at the University of Oxford in September.

Feb 10th 2018

In July, I shall be traveling to Oslo to present at Performance Studies Network Conference.


Which is just a day after presenting at 19 Century Music Conference, at Huddersfield!


18th Jan 2018

Portugal again, how lucky am I? Presenting at ICHKM in Lisbon, on differences between composer’s recordings and notation.


12th Jan 2018

I have been invited to give a talk at the Zagreb Music Academy in April – details will be here soon.

10th Jan 2018

I am really happy to announce that I will be a part of aresidency programme at Ensemble Mise-en, in NYC. The plan is to work on a large-scale work for piano and fragmented tape – I am super excited about this!

January 2018

I recently presented at the Research Hands on PIANO Conference in Aveiro, Portugal. My paper considered the Block pilot study from my (Re)constructing Early Recordings project.


December 2017

I am excited to share the news that my article on Chopin (Masculine and Feminine Compositions: Frederic Chopin and his body of (of work) came out in HARTS and Mind Journal, and you can see it here.


November 2017

I am giving a talk at the Edinburgh University and playing a recital in Reid Concert hall. The programme and the talk are based on John Donaldson’s Piano Sonata. I am very excited to play this piece here, as Donaldson was the one responsible for building the hall.